Greek Easter!

The Greek Easter and spring escape to our yearning to nature. Celebrate with our resurrection Parga. Days and enjoy relaxing in an idyllic environment in the countryside by the sea and enjoy the unique experience of luxury hotel hospitality Valtos Beach.

  • Proposal of our hotel for this year's Easter in areas offered for family Easter holidays is attractive and includes:
  • Half-board accommodation
  • With rich breakfast buffet
  • Dinner buffet dishes with the big lenten Friday before the procession of the epitaph.
  • Easter greek dinner with traditional magiritsa parga, red eggs for the classic crack after the resurrection.
  • Mezedes ouzo before lunch sunday of Easter (instead of dinner) and the lambs souvlas, exquisite dishes with traditional music and dance.

Offer to stay 3 days
Arriving Friday
Departure Monday
Only 50 euros per person per day!
First child free, the second child only charge 50%